Privacy Policy

We, on the COOP Platform, have drafted the Privacy Policy to enable you as a user of the Platform to understand our practices and data policy transparently and clearly. We undertake to protect your privacy and not to share your personal information without your prior consent, and we can process your personal information with our utmost care to prevent access to your data by any unauthorized person.

  • If you have any questions or inquiries about our Privacy Policy, please contact us through this email:

Trainee Privacy Policy:

When registering with the COOP platform, the trainee enters all the required data after agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site. Therefore, the site does not bear any responsibility for the validity of such entered data, and the platform will not permanently or temporarily disclose or release your data, unless otherwise required by law, except:

When you add your CV on the COOP platform, any information added such as name, personal data, and contact information will be available to training organisations registered on the site who have access to the trainees' database. Therefore, you must be careful of the data and information recorded in your CV before uploading it on the platform's website. We, also, disclaim responsibility for any training organisation that re-discloses your information without our knowledge or permission.

Account Deletion for the Trainee:

Dear Trainee, if you wish to delete your account including registration data and information, as well as your CV, simply access your account, then choose "Account Deletion". By doing this, you have removed all your data and information from the site. If you wish to avail yourself of the platform services again, you must re-register.

Training Organisations Privacy Policy:

The training organisation registers in the COOP platform by entering all the required data after agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site. The site does not bear any responsibility for the validity of such data entered. Therefore, we guarantee you the confidentiality of your information and its non-disclosure permanently or temporarily, unless required by law, except:

Information and data recorded in announcements of available areas of training, including your contact information, that any visitor to the platform will be able to view and read general information about the organisation.

Account Deletion for the Training Organisations:

If the organisation wishes to delete all its information from the site including: the organisation's data and information, as well as announcements of available areas of training, the account must be signed in and then the "Account Deletion" option is selected. By taking this action, the organisation will lose any of its data on the site. If the organisation wishes to avail itself of the platform's services again, it must re-register.


To provide you with a unique user experience, we use cookies on the COOP website that allows you to browse the platform and enables us to improve and develop the website's performance. This ensures that you as a user can search and find results easily.

By browsing our website, you agree to the use of cookies on our part.

User Policy:

The COOP user is responsible for their use of the Site. In the case of using illegal or inappropriate content, we have the right to terminate the account and take appropriate legal action.

The COOP platform is also entitled to legally account for the user, whether was it a trainee or a training organization, in the event of providing incorrect data, or when false and illegal documents are used.

Our Platform Responsibility: Our platform is just a link between the trainee and the training representative and we disclaim all liabilities for any other consequences during and after the training.

Session Variables:

When the user logs in, the session variables are configured. In some sections of the platform, your information remains available to be stored in the session variable's name. This information is retained until your next visit, unless the user closes the browser or logs out.

Security Rates:

We, on the COOP platform, take the utmost care to protect your personal information, which is under our control against any unauthorized access or improper use. We also provide high security for the data, but we do not fully guarantee this due to the nature of the Internet and that the website can be used by any user.

Change of the Site's Policy:

Our Privacy Policy is subject to modification and update from time to time. We ensure that the user is kept abreast of our updates, as the modified version will be announced on our home page of the site.