Our vision

We seek to achieve pioneering results and excellence in the cooperative training and in the employment field, and participate in developing national human resources and encouraging its growth.

About us

It is an online platform concerned in employment and in cooperative training and it is one of the national academic entrepreneurship projects supported by Investment Fund at Al Majmaah University. Also, it is considered as a link between the applicant and the organization. It contributes in saving time and giving the applicant the ability to choose an orgnization that fits his specialization. Also, (COOP) is concerned in providing consultations and training programs to develop the applicant's efficiency and prepare him/her for the job market. The platform also provides an additional service for recruiting those who are enrolled in the training programs

Our message

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Enable applicants to choose their desired organizations.


Achieve compatibility between university outputs and the job market needs.


Enhance the apllicant's performance in terms of communication and interaction in the work environment realistically and professionally.


Encourage the relationship between the organization and the applicant which could facilitate the applicant's future recruitment.


Contribute in providing training and consulting services through training and employment programmes which cater for the applicant's needs and enhances their capabilities.

Fields of training

The most prominent areas of training and employment provided by the platform through our partners


Employment opportunity